Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Hate The Cold!

The coast of North Carolina is supposed to have a mild climate in late November early December.  Not so this year - its cold (at least by my standards).  Give me 95 degrees any day of the week, forget this 30's and 40's thing, topped off with a frigid wind - ick!  Guess losing all that extra insulation has a few downsides, huh!

So much for my great days walking at the beach - its all I can do to walk at all.  I know, I know, here I am making excuses, when I constantly preach against that.  So, its either start gaining back the pounds, starve myself to death, or find an alternative.

Ok, first step is that I pulled out my Under Armour winter gear cause it does work.  And thats fine as long as I'm not dealing with the icy winds, though the concept still stinks in my world, cause its the experience and enjoyment of being outside that keeps me going, not the concept of walking in general.  So I have solved the issue of cold, just got to deal with the motivation factor which is really low right now. 

So its back to finding inside locations when the outside doesn't work.  And being the Christmas Season, the Mall works pretty well.  You can get a lot of traction without braving the elements, though you do have to watch for the wide eyed masses wandering aimlessly through the mall who don't pay a bit of attention as to where they are going or who they are stepping out in front of.  Running over a little old lady is a great way to escorted out of the mall by security which means back to dealing with the winter... did I mention that I hate the cold?

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