Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hotel Walk - Beating The Weather

I am out of town on business and its still cold...durn it.  But I'm not going to sit on my butt and gain weight, so new walking approach.  I'm at an Embassy Suites in Charlotte, NC, which means 10 floors of opportunity with a view of the atrium. 

Embassy Suites are unique,  because they are built in a rectangular shape around an interior courtyard.  All rooms open to the inside.  No hallways, just balconies on each floor that run along the inside perimeter of the courtyard.  And in many cases, the atrium is a combination of eating areas and water gardens.  Thus, each floor is kind of like a walking track with a view.  Pretty cool unless you have issues with heights and I do, but this ain't bad, trust me. (BTW- the atrium in the picture is INSIDE!)

Today I went with a twist.  Instead of just walking and looking down, I took my Nook e-reader and actually read a book while walking each floor.  And no elevators!  I took the stairs between floors.  Being a weekend, there is very little traffic in the hotel, so no obstructions or hazards to deal with.  Nothing worse than accidentally bumping a little old lady over the rail...

Hotel walks may not be conventional, but they work!  Weight management is a game of consistency, so you gotta do whatever you gotta do to stay on track.

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