Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why Is It So Hard To Lose Weight?

Why is it so hard to lose weight?  I think I have a simple answer: because people choose methods that aren't fun.  Bottomline, if it ain't fun, you won't do it for very long.  Thus, the average person HATES losing weight and doesn't stick with it.

I figured out a long time ago, that you have to use methods that you can live with forever if you want to have any real chance of losing weight. (Read my book!) Weight loss comes in small increments over a long period of time.  Only with weight loss, you never finish, as its something that you have to commit to forever.  The day you quit your weight loss program is the day you start gaining it all back.  Thus, its needs to be FUN, easy and doable!

The average person has no concept of what it takes to lose weight outside of TV commercials (usually worthless products) and poor quality advice which translates to heavy duty exercise and icky diets.

Listen, I still eat what I want, though in much smaller quantities.  Yes, I did cut out some of the really unhealthy stuff, but I did not force mself into some kind of unsustainable diet composed of foods I hated.  I also did NOT join a health club - ick and I don't run - doesn't turn me on.  I walk and walk really fast.  Plus I choose locations with great views to make the time enjoyable and then throw in some fast moving music with a great beat to keep my feet moving at high speed.

Thats they key! Making it fun so you can stick with it forever.  Weight Loss is not a short term thing, its a life changing decision. 

I successfully lost the weight and have kept it off without a lot of trouble.  Sure, I see a few fluctuations here and there, but I am confident enough in myself and my methods that I can burn off any unwanted pounds that try to sneek back up on me.

I'm here to help and hope that my experiences can help you reach your goals.

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