Wednesday, October 20, 2010

View From The Street - Beer Guts On Display

Why is it that guys with bulging mid-sections think that coming to the beach is a ticket to put all that mass of fat on display?  Look, (or better yet don't) there isn't anything attractive about a beer gut, or whatever you wish to call it, so why stick it out there for everyone else to admire.  Just because you can take your shirt off in public doesn't mean you should.  What ever happened to modesty and good taste? 

I don't have much of a gut anymore as a result of my walking habits, but even I don't bare the midsection very often in public, as I don't think its polite to subject others to what lurks beneath.

I just don't get it - these guys act like a beer gut is a badge of honor or something.  In reality, its the mark of a future coronary...  Or maybe they are just totally oblivious.  And what about their wives and girlfriends?  Why don't they speak up?  Oh wait a minute - most of the female accomplices are wearing thongs, when they should be in full body coverage attire...

Oh well, not my problem - I can always find something more appealing to look at like roadkill.

Hey, its stuff like this that makes me chuckle and keeps my walking fun and interesting.

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