Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Great Walking Spot - Mt. Pleasant Memorial Park

I was back down in the Charleston, SC area today.  Instead of walking over the Ravenel Bridge, I decided to walk under it.  The Mt. Pleasant Memorial Park is located beneath the Bridge and is another great walking spot on my list of locations across the country.

The main feature (in my opinion) is the pier that runs out almost to the shipping channel.  It's parallel to, and in the shadow of the Ravenel Bridge, which gives you a really neat perspective on the Bridge.  As I reached the end, a freighter passed by, just a stone's (if you are an NFL Quarterback) away. The distance from the parking lot under the bridge to the end of the pier is about 1/2 mile.  It makes for a very pleasant walk or run.

There are also sidewalks heading out in two different directions from the park.  I chose the one that winds past Patriot's Point Naval Museum, the Submariner's Memorial and the College Of Charleston athletic fields.  The distance to the roundabout with the Statue is 1 mile each way, which makes for a decent calorie burn.

Of course, I wanted at least 4 miles, so I did the pier twice as well as the sidewalk tour.  One interesting aspect, was the signs that warned of coyote's in the area.  Who would have thought...

By the way, parking is not free, but not expensive either.  I paid $1.00 for 1.5 hours.  Worth it without a doubt.

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