Thursday, September 23, 2010

Obsessed With Weight Management?

So my wife has accused me of being "obsessed" with my wieght management tactics.  I think obsessed is a bit over the top, since that is what those people with eating disorders and workout addictions are - totally consumed.  I prefer to think I am "conscious" and "aware" of what I need to do to maintain my weight. 

Hmmm, maybe hobby is a better word than obsessed?  Of course, that tends to imply that weight management is something that I do in my spare time, which really doesn't work.  But I can't be obsessed!  Just because my pedometer is glued to my body and I almost never go to bed without having accumulated the minimum number of walking steps for the day, isn't strange is it?  Just because I eat slowly and only when I'm hungry, thats not bizarre, right?  Just because I track my results and never quit, that doesn't seem to suggest I'm going overboard does it?

So hobby doesn't work and I refused to be obsessed, so maybe we can go with focused?  Well, it will just have to wait till later, cause I got steps to walk to reach today's goal, so its time to get moving...

Obsessed! What a ridiculous presumption...

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