Friday, July 30, 2010

Fitness Mis-step

So I was out-of-town on business this week, which is never an excuse to avoid exercise.  I found a new area not far from the hotel (Mt. Pleasant, SC) that featured some lightly wooded areas with paved paths that intermingled with some nice residential areas - perfect for walking.

Si I was cruising along enjoying the view and burning off some calories when something on the ground ahead caught my eye.  Now it happened to be right at sunset, so it was getting a bit dark and I had to squint to see exactly what it was stretching across the path, as I was fast approaching it.  Suddenly it moved, or should I slithered.  Ick - a snake, and I hate snakes, and I mean really hate snakes.  Cal it an unnatural fear or whatever, but it is what it is, which ain't good for me! 

Being that I usually am walking either near the Beach or in a more urban setting, I had never encountered a snake while doing the power walk, so this caught me totally off guard.  In retrospect, the setting was one that would support a slithery creature or two (obviously) but it still threw me off-guard.

Now I am a wimp when it comes to snakes, and despite this one being pretty small - maybe 24" or so and not exhibiting any signs of being hostile, my walking came to a grinding halt real quick.  No I didn't step on him, but I sure didn't want to get any closer.  Guess he felt the same way, cause he took off as fast as he could.

Now I had a decision to make - turn around and run - stay frozen in position till I died - call 911 - call a taxi - or continue on after skirting the last known position of the snake by at least 100 feet.

I decided to take the risk and move forward.  But noticing that there was a lot of vegetation growing along the sidewalk, I decided to walk in the street instead...  what the heck, I would rather get hit by a car than step on a snake - at least it wouldn't be a surprise.

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