Monday, June 7, 2010

Where Are All The Fat People?

That sounds like a nasty thing to say...  But its an honest thought I had while doing a 4.5 mile power walk on Friday. I was doing my favorite walk on the loop at Wrightsville Beach and happened to noticed that all the others (runners, walkers, joggers) were pretty much in shape - there were no fat people.  Ok, so it was 93 degrees in the middle of a bright sunny day - call me crazy, but its my preference - so the heat factor probably was keeping most sane people indoors, certainly the bigger ones cause they typically have a lower tolerance to heat (I know, I used to be there).  But this observation of no fat people is really applicable to all times of the day, not just the furnace phase.

My point is that those who seem to need the exercise the most are the very ones not doing it.  I skim through hundreds of blogs and see soooooo many people complaining about not being able to lose weight, yet I don't see a lot of heavy people on the move.  I lost 70 punds in 10 months and not one ounce came off from sitting on the counch (or the computer) whining about not being able to lose weight.

I purposely chose walking because I can do it anytime, anywhere and it doesn't cost any money.  I can't run due to prior knee surgeries, but I can walk my @#$% off.  Yeah, I had to work up to it over time, but I shoot for a minimum of 5 miles everyday, at an average speed of 4.25 miles per hour. 

So maybe all the other "fit" people that I see in motion on the loop are just like me, someone who was big and now is much smaller.  Or maybe they were born that way and want to make sure they always stay in shape.  Gyms seem to be the same way - full of skinny people, not fat people.

With that said, I do see heavier people once in a while trying to get into walking and when I do I want to applaud.  It would be nice to give them encouragement, but on the other hand there is a good chance they would rather not have the spotlight turned on them, especially if they are self-conscious about their weight, which is understandable.  So I will just say it here "good for you - go for it and stick with it!"

But if you are one of those who finds it easier to complain about your weight than to do something constructive about it I say "shut up and get off your butt!"  I'm a meat and potatoes, semi-lazy guy and when I finally did the same thing, it made a difference.  If I can do it, anyone can.

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