Monday, June 21, 2010

Watching Shoobies

So what's a shoobie you ask?  I had to ask the same question of my children, as they are the ones who brought the term into the house.  Turns out it's a reference to tourists who are visiting our area. 

Now it helps to know that I live on the coast of North Carolina where we are deluged with tourists every summer who come down to visit our great beaches.  Being the good locals that we are, we draw a line between the tourists and ourselves. 

Don't take that personally, its just the way it is.  We love where we live and are proud of it.  And, we have our ways, which really does separate us from the visitors, who definitely stand out when they hit the beach.

Ok, so back to what a shoobie is.  Sadly, we see many visitors who are improperly dressed, and one of the most bizarre examples is wearing socks with sandals and shorts.  I mean, come on, this has got to be the silliest combination of all time.  Why take off the long pants, only to cover back up with socks.  And why would anyone wear socks with sandals?  The wholes purpose of sandals is to go barefoot with a little extra protection for the soles of your feet.

Oh yeah, and I should mention that most of the locals don't wear sandals at all - uncool. Flip flops are king and Rainbows are the most popular brand. Yep, they cost $50.00 but they are a sure fire symbol of being a local.

So that is what a shoobie is - a sandal and sock wearing tourist!    And when I am out walking I see these kind of things routinely.  Of course, it just adds another element of humor to the daily walk, which is a big part of why walking is fun for me.

Shoobie watching while walking - another benefit of daily walking, and you thought it was just about the calories...

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