Saturday, June 12, 2010

Walking Into History

On Wednesday (I was still on a business trip to Charleston, SC) I decided to find a different place to walk besides the Ravenel Bridge.  The bridge is really cool, but the winds were blowing pretty hard at ground level, so I figured it must feel like a small hurricane up there above the harbor.  Besides, I like a bit of variety.  Sooo, I decided to combine walking with a bit of history and headed over to Fort Moultrie on Sullivans Island. 

Fort Moutlrie was a Civil War Fort and now is a State Park kind of thing.  I wasn't planning on touring the fort, but rather walking the grounds, as most Forts I have visited in the past, have some extensive open areas around them.  As it turn out, it wasn't as conducive to power-walking as I had hoped, but I managed to get in about 3 miles over 45 minutes. 

I will say the views were good, as the Fort is on the tip of Sullivans Island right at the entrance to the Charleston Harbor.  That means plenty of water views and I caught a freighter heading out to see.  Of course the Fort makes a interesting backdrop and the breezes were really good.  Oh yeah, and there was free parking!

I know, I know, I am a walking freak.  I do it pretty much everyday and it works.  But as I keep saying, in order to stick with it, there has to be an element of fun and that is my focus.  Balancing this with a lot less food than in my former life makes all the difference.  And another point is that walking can be done anywhere anytime.  No excuses!  Just because I am away from home, doesn't mean my exercise program stops.

Never forget, that whatever you do to lose weight, you will have to continue to do to maintain the weight loss. So choose your methods carefully and make sure its something you are willing to stick with for life.  You will be wasting your time if you lose weight then go back to your normal ways.

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