Friday, June 18, 2010

Calories Burned Off - Shoes Blown Out

@#$%! Another 90 days, another pair of walking shoes blown out.  So I guess thats not such a bad thing cause it means I'm keeping my feet moving and the calories burning.  But it does get expensive.  I don't buy cheap shoes!  I spent a lot of time testing brands until I found shoes that not only feel great, but actually seem to give me a boost of energy.     Not to sound like a commercial, but I finally settled on the asics brand.  At an average price of $99.00 I end up spending about $400/year on walking shoes, but its a small price to pay for the benefits I get in return.  They don't wear out because of workmanship, but because I wear the soles down to nothing.  In fact, every pair I have worn out looks brand new until you flip them over and look at the bottom.  Keep in mind that I walk a minimum of 35 miles per week and sometimes hit 50 miles, so its really a matter of excessive use, not poor quality.

So by now I'm starting to look like a walking fanatic - maybe I am - but it keeps the weight off and works for me...  And if you are just starting out and my numbers look unachievable, just remember that I didn't start out at that level.  In the beginning, I found 15 minutes of walking 3 days per week to be tough!  I was lucky if that was 1 mile total!  Choose something that works, keep with it, gradually increase your levels, and one day you may find yourself cussing at blown out shoes as well.

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