Sunday, May 30, 2010

Powerwalking In The Sand - NOT!

Needed a bit of scenery change from my usual walking course - got to keep it interesting you know.  It was low tide, so I figured I would get out on the beach, as thats where I started my walking routine several years ago. 

Wow what a surprise - it felt like walking in mud, though the lower beach was pretty firm.  After doing sidewalks and streets for so long, powerwalking in the sand was going nowhere.  #$%&!  Nice view, nice breeze, but my forward progress stunk.  And of course there were all the obstacles, mis-thrown footballs, slicing frisbies, lost children, an occassional wave that washes up further than anticipated... what the heck, a nice day at the beach if you were there to play.

(Guess I have gotten too serious about my walking - but not so serious that it has become a chore.)

I did a mile or so, but found it difficult to maintain 4.5mph - more like 3.5mph.  So back to the concrete, but what the heck, I got a nice dose of the ocean (literally) and the concrete areas have their own great views, so all-in-all it was a nice afternoon.  6 miles walked in 90 minutes and I enjoyed every minute of it!

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